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About Gables Bagels

We are excited to be bringing authentic New York City Kosher Water Bagels to Bloomington!

What makes Gables Bagels different?

Once you try a Gables Bagel, you’ll understand that we are not like any other mid-western bagel shop.


Besides the incredible flavor, quality, and size of our bagels, there are five other things that differentiate us from our competition:

  1. ALL OUR BAGELS ARE BAKED TO ORDER! We do not have bagels sitting in bins, waiting to be sold. Instead, our customers tell us what bagels they want, and when they want to pick them up. Each order is timed perfectly so that our customers walk out with a piping hot bag filled with fresh-from-the-oven Gables Bagels.

  2. OUR MINIMUM ORDER IS A BAKER’S DOZEN! We do not sell individual bagels. Our bagels are meant to be enjoyed with friends, family & co-workers. The minimum order is a Baker’s Dozen (13 bagels).

  3. WE DON’T SCHMEAR OUR BAGELS! We have an incredible menu of spreads that can be schmeared on our amazing bagels. However, we do not apply any of the spreads ourselves. We sell our spreads in 8-ounce containers, to be schmeared and enjoyed when the customer arrives home, or to the office, to the party, etc!

  4. THE MAJORITY OF OUR CUSTOMERS ORDER THE NIGHT BEFORE! (or earlier!) If you want to place an order, it is highly encouraged that you place your order the night before – or earlier (if at all possible) and no later than 10pm. We have limited capacity right now, so if you want to ensure that you can have hot bagels in the morning, we highly encourage you to order as early as possible.

  5. WE BAKE BAGELS FROM 7AM – 9AM, SEVEN DAYS/WEEK. As we are currently operating out of the kitchen inside of BuffaLouie’s, we need to be done baking before the BuffaLouie’s crew begins their busy day. Since our goal is to give every guest a bag filled with piping hot bagels, we strive for our latest pickup to be no later than 9:15am.

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